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Special ID cards | Mandatory Vaccination?


Here are a few specific examples of what is happening in various states:

Maryland: While tracking systems have long been in place, physician participation has always been optional. Many states are following the example set by the state of Maryland. On October 1, 2019, all physicians who administer vaccines are now required to enter information into the ImmuNet system about every vaccine that given or refused. Patients can opt-out of these virtual tracking catalogs, but will providers tell their patients about the tracking system and offer them a way to opt-out?

Massachusetts: Activists are fighting to halt H1848, a bill that would allow insurance companies to have access to citizens’ vaccination data without patient consent.

Oregon: passed H2220 to allow dentists to administer vaccines and report to its system.

Louisiana passed SB 169. The law allows tracking of adult vaccinations and removes the need for informed consent before vaccinating.

Rhode Island passed S676A and H5541A which mandated reporting to KIDSNET.

Florida passed HB213 mandating its SHOTS program.

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